Thursday, 2 May 2013

Missing you!

“Hello Swedes, here we are after a great week. We remember you all the time. This week was great from the first moment we spent with you; all the time we were together was great. In short THANK you for these memorable moments and for giving us one of the best weeks of our lives!”                          
Xandro & José Manuel  

Hello! This week has been perfect. We’ve loved meeting new friends and sharing things with them. We have learned a lot of English because we couldn’t speak Spanish with them. We look forward to seeing them in Spain again. Some of them will come back in the summer!!”
José Ramón & Diego

These days have been special for us with a lot of good friends that we will never forget. They are like my brothers and sisters. When something happened to us they came and always worried about us. For all this we’re going to remember everything that we did to Emil (eat a candle), Jennifer (the witch of the tomatoes), Moa and Therese (the person of the party), Simon and Daniel, Andreas (Força Lazio and força gaes), Simon (Where is my vodka?).
Thanks to the Swedish teachers for this unforgettable experience”
Jorge & Sergio

“Hola amigos suecos :)
These seven days were the best in our life. We didn’t always understood, but with one smile everything was solved.
We learned new things, more words in English and Swedish and we learned to want something that you can’t always see.
We went to Santiago de Compostela, Cíes Islands, the houses of other friends, the zoo… We had a very good time, and we want you to return.
All these moments with you are always in our hearts. You have just gone and we already miss you. TACK SÅ MYCKET, VI ÄLSKAR DIG, CARLA OCH BELÉN. <3”
Carla & Belén

“This week was the best in our life. We learned a lot of English, and some words in Swedish. We never thought that we could meet people from another country and be such good friends. We’re going to remember you all our life: the mornings at school, the trip to Cíes Islands, the visit to Santiago… those are incredible moments that make us smile. Living with all the Swedish people this week was a very good experience and we want to see you again early. Thank you for coming into in our lives, thank you being the way you are.”           
Ana & Noelia.

“This week was incredible: meeting everybody again, spending time together and living new experiences with them. We have learned to communicate although we spoke different languages and we have become good friends. We have learned new words in Swedish, too. For example: hjärta (heart), bra (good), and more.
You are fantastic, and this week was so funny, and we hope to see you again. In fifty days, pinky promise.
We miss youuuuuuuuu <3“              
Yaiza & Paula.

“Hej Svenskas, we are Laura and Javi.
This week with the Swedish people was very good.  We learned a lot of English and a little Swedish and they learned some Spanish words.
Thank you for this week, we didn’t want you to leave, but now that you have left we don’t want you to forget about us. We hope to see you in the summer and have a good time.
What we lived this week can’t be expressed in words.”
Laura & Javi

“Hello Swedish people, now at this moment we are thinking about all the moments that we spent together in Spain.
(Nicolás): I liked the moments when I was with Daniel (we will go to a party, please, come to my house this summer, I have a swimming pull hehehe), Jennifer, Andreas (Força Milan!!), Simon (I’m missing you), Óscar (thanks for beating me at judo, I learned that there’s always someone better than me).
(André): I want to thank all the people that shared good moments in Spain: Óscar, for being my friend and a good judo player, I hope you to remember that my house will always be open for you. Hanna, for being a good Swedish teacher. Emil, for being a good friend and a good “padel” player. Jennifer, I hope you to remember me with the photos that I gave to you and you to know you that I will wait for you all my life. J
André & Nico

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeej guys, we are Alex and Geeeeerardo.
We think that these 2 weeks (one in Spain and another in Sweden) were veery good. We did a lot of things and not only that, we also learned a lot of English, we learned how it is to live in other places, met new people from other countries, learned Swedish… So, we are going to remember you the Swedish, Spanish and English words most used in this time.
Swedish words: Din mamma, Hjärta, Hej, Hej, hur mår du?, Uggla
Spanish words: No más Ana, no más!, Ay Dios!, Ola ke ase, Bonitos ojos, Ay caramba!, Pato, Vaca.
English words: English please, Duck, Are you kidding me?
We hope to see you soon guys, have a good time in Sweden, byee.”
Gerardo & Alex

We liked the visit of the Swedish people. We learned new words in Swedish as vildsvin, hej...
We liked to be with Philip, the birds lover Oscar and Simon, Hanna the locacrazygalen,  the two Moas, the smallest person Vanessa, Isabella crazyvella, Therese litle person... We need to see you again, you have to return to Vigo in the summer, you can't break a finger’s promise... We miss you.
I (Pablo) wrote the nicknames”
Pablo & Patricia

Hello Swedish friends, just say thank you for this incredible week. You’ve left yesterday and we already miss you. We will always remember the great times spent, the phrases and words exchanged in Swedish and Spanish such as "No más ..", "Ay dios!", "Ay caramba", "Te echo de menos", those "telefoneision" ,"tomateision "...," hjärta "," stjärna"," jag älskar dig ","uggla"... all your" so much laughter, singing, dancing and more.                                                                                                                                                      It was only a week, but they were the best days of our lives. We met new people, amazing people, I met you, all your tastes, your virtues, everything.                                                                  
For all the evenings with you, for all the experiences, we want to thank you, because now you are part of our lives. We want to see you again, because you promised to come back in exactly 56 days .. We want to live more moments with you.
We love you, <3”
Alba & Johanna

HOLA AMIGOS. We miss you, you are very important for us here. We remember every moment lived by your side, and we’ll never forget about you. Every time you say, "AY DIOS" "AY MAI" "MUY GOOD" and many other phrases...
It all started on April 10 where we expected to spend an unforgettable week with awesome people we didn’t know yet to live perfect moments. Although they didn’t speak our language, we understood everything through a smile, a gesture, a look. Now all that remains tattooed in our hearts because there is no day that we don’t think of them.
Two languages, one we shared and the one we understood better was that of FRIENDSHIP
We love you. Come back soon <3“
Bruna & María


Follow this LINK to see some of the pictures taken in Vigo.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


This was a very funny week with all ours swedish friends. We will miss you a lot, and we hope see you another time, WE <3 YOU TOO MUCH. 
By: Ana, Paula, Carla, María, Noelia and Yaiza.

 Vigo is amazing. I want to live here forever! I got the cutest and the best spanish friends. I gonna miss this place! (Moa) 

This has been an amazing experiance and I want to stay here. I have got the best friends of the world and I can´t be more happy. I Love it here and it´s so sad that i´m going to leave them. I´m going to miss them all and I hope to see them all soon, Love Therese. 

Vigo: reception with the Mayor

FARO DE VIGO: local newspaper

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Impressions on the trip to Sweden

"The trip to Sweden was incredible. It was the best experience of my life. We did lots of funny and interesting activities."

"This trip was unforgettable. We met new people, we learned new words... It was an incredible week. We did lots of great things: pulka riding, cooked gingerbread cookies, went bowling and ice skating, sang Christmas carols (even in Swedish!)..."

"This is my first exchange and I think Sweden is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, and there it's the nicest people I've known. I will always remember this trip".

"It was a wonderful experience and very different than expected. I had a very good time at school and when we went pulka riding, ice skating and bowling. I also remember when we all had hot chocolate and when we went to Liseberg's amusement park".

"I think the trip to Sweden was a fantastic experience. We learned a lot of English since everybody spoke to us in this language. We met lots of new people and did a lot of things and activities, like ice skating. We were lucky going to Sweden in December because we could make snow fights, see Lucia's day activities and eat Christmas food, too. I will never forget this trip."

"We cooked lots of typical Swedish food (pannkakor and pepparkakor). The activities were very funny. I met new friends, new customs and learned a lot of English. This was the best experience of my life."

"Sweden is a very beautiful place. We had a very good time snow fighting and ice skating. I loved all the activities we did there."

"The trip to Sweden was very good. We learned a lot of English words necessary for everyday life. It was a very good experience and I would repeat it if I could."

"This was once in a lifetime experience. The activities were very funny and entertaining, especially pulka riding and cooking typical Swedish desserts."

"I liked this experience a lot. I liked when we went to the Spanish classes to talk with the students. I also liked the snow fights and when we went ice skating."

"We did very funny activities like ice skating, playing football and volleyball, snow fighting... The day we went pulka riding was the best."

"Sweden is a very nice place. The trip was incredible. I had the opportunity of knowing another country, another culture, other costumes and, especially, other people that are now very important for me."

We would like to thank all the Swedish host families for making this experience even better. Thanks a lot!

Monday, 24 December 2012


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Monday, 26 November 2012

Warming up for Christmas

November is cold and rainy. In Sweden we have traditions to keep us going through the darkest time of the year. Klick here to get some information on how we celebrate Lucia and Advent.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Skype meeting

Although the internet connection wasn't good, did you have fun? Are you looking forward to meeting each other?

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What we think about Sweden and the Swedes

- Swedish people are all blond and tall.
- They have got blue eyes and fair complexion.
- They eat salmon every day.
- They live in houses, not in flats.
- It's always very cold in Sweden and there's no sun. It often snows in the winter.
- They speak good English.
- They're good-looking, sexy and health-conscious.                                                 
- They drive a Volvo and go shopping to IKEA.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Here is a picture of some of the things that we associate with Spain. Just for fun! :-)

Sunday, 9 September 2012